Cragmont Elementary School Food Service Upgrade


Dowdle & Sons Mechanical, Inc.
100 Tower Rd.
American Canyon, CA 94503
License # 542743

P 707.224.6968
F 707.224.7885

Jobsite Address

830 Regal Road

Berkeley, CA 94708


Berkeley Unified School District

General Contractor

MarCon Builders


Dowdle & Sons Mechanical, Inc. is furnishing plumbing and HVAC work for the renovation of this existing elementary school kitchen.

The construction will include extending the current building.  In addition, there will be an upgrade of the kitchen appliances/equipment, including the water heater.  The new construction will also provide for the addition of a staff restroom/changing room.  Dowdle & Sons will replace the sanitary sewer line, and install a new kitchen exhaust fan to serve a Type 1 hood.  There will also be the provision of a grease interceptor outside of the building, with a new grease waste line from the kitchen to the interceptor.